Students Testimonials

Students come to inlingua Vancouver from all over the world to learn English. Some want to take inlingua’s specialized courses such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge CAE or FCE, or Business English. Others want to experience a world-class Canadian city and make friends from other countries. Read or watch what our students are saying about their experience at inlingua.

Who Studies at inlingua Vancouver

Who is a typical student at inlingua Vancouver? They come from all over the world, including Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and other regions.

At inlingua Vancouver, we have taught students from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, Russia, Ukraine, Panama, Hungary, Libya, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Thailand, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Jordan, UAE, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Yemen, Cameroon, Cuba, Honduras, Iceland, Vietnam, Israel, Kazakhstan, Oman, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Slovakia and many other countries.

Most students at inlingua Vancouver are university students and working adults between 18 and 35 years old, though we have many mature students as well. Many professionals and business executives come to inlingua to further their careers with English.

Why They Come to inlingua Vancouver

inlingua’s students come to Vancouver, Canada to learn and study English and specifically improve their skills in speaking, listening, grammar, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge and Business English in our Full-time English Program and University Preparation courses. Some of our students participate in our study and work experience programs.

Our students have a strong desire to learn and enjoy all that Vancouver and Canada has to offer.

inlingua Vancouver has a balanced mix of nationalities at the school. This guarantees that you will have the chance to learn English with people from other countries. Even outside of inlingua you will keep speaking English with your international friends.

I'm very thankful to inlingua Vancouver for helping me to reach my goals.

I came to Vancouver in October, 2011. First of all I went to inlingua College, because it has very good reputation. All my expectations were successfully satisfied. I started to speak English on my second day! Professional teachers, friendly environment, multiculturalism, and great activities every day, it's all about inlingua Vancouver. I would highly recommend this college for all who are starting in Vancouver.

Oleksii Denysenko - Ukraine

My trip to the city of Vancouver and studying at inlingua was like a fairy tale. The school is really awesome, because it gives a lot of opportunities to develop not only your language skills, but also to develop yourself, your personality. What is most important, is making a lot of great and unforgettable friends! Students at inlingua Vancouver are the best and the funniest people in the world. Moreover, teachers there are extremely cool and professional. Talking about Vancouver, I can say that it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and if you are young and active, you can find a lot of opportunities there (from sport activities to crazy night life). So, in the end, I would like to add that if I were you and had a chance to study at inlingua Vancouver and visit this city, I would go there with no doubts. Don't waste your time and have some of the most awesome days in your life there!!!!

Daria Bratnikova, Russia

"Why do I have to study English?" This is the beginning of my study abroad experience. At first, I didn't have any strong reason to study English. In my opinion, if you live in your own country and only communicate with people speaking your own language, English is not necessary. But if you want to get a better job or want to travel abroad and enjoy it, English is a very important skill. In fact, the most serious situation was that I couldn't express my opinions and share my ideas with others. I was very frustrated. One month later, I certainly felt that my English skills improved. For example, I can understand what teacher says and communicate with my classmates in English now. These things are the results that I got at inlingua Vancouver. I think I wouldn't have been able to have such an experience if i couldn't have spoken English. If you can speak English, it means you can communicate with friends and colleagues from different counties. More over, anywhere in the world where you work, travel, and have precious days, your appreciation for English will expand more and more. These are the reasons why I study English here, and enjoy the experience is my aim.

Tatsuya Kotani, Japan

I wanted to speak my own language from time to time, but I always tried to think and talk in English, to follow the "English Only Policy" at inlingua Vancouver. I believe this policy is the best way to improve your English. It is easy to make friends at inlingua Vancouver. Talk to other students! They always welcome you to be their friend. I made many friends from different countries. My teacher, Katrin, is very cute and nice ♡ . I studied at inlingua Vancouver for 2 weeks. Despite the short term, I felt my English improved. I wish I could study longer at inlingua.

Mihoko Shinoda, Japan

Hello my name is Sasha. I used to be a student at inlingua Vancouver school for 6 months. It was such a great experience for me. When I arrived there, on the first day, everyone was so friendly, I felt very comfortable, like at home :) After taking an English test, school does "pizza party" for students, which was a very nice surprise. It helps to have casual conversations and get to know the other students. The best part of this school is the amazing teachers. I really enjoyed coming to class every day. Every single class was unique; not only studying books but also having fun activities and discussions, sharing some stories, learning about other countries while learning English. Teachers are also very helpful if you have any other questions about living in Canada. They will always give you advice, and they will be there for you if you need them. I am still communicating with my teachers after my graduation.

Another great thing about inlingua Vancouver is that they organize all kind of trips year round so students can discover for themselves about beautiful British Columbia. I enjoyed my studies at this school and would definitely recommend it to those who are trying to decide which school to go to in Vancouver, Canada.

Sasha - Oleksandra Berezhna, Ukraine

My study abroad experience

For a very long time I had the idea in my head about traveling and at the same time practicing my English abroad. I was considering lots of options, comparing living conditions, climate, nature of different countries and prices. I was very careful and picky about ESL school as I had some previous experience of studding English in London which was just useless waste of money. So as a result I chose co-op program at inlingua Vancouver. It’s a one year program, which is six month of studying and six month of working. It’s a great program since you have a chance to cover a cost of studying.

As a majority of ESL schools in Vancouver, inlingua is located in the heart of Downtown and has good equipment. But what attracted me mostly is inlingua’s unique methodology of learning languages, which I found very helpful. I was lucky with my teachers, and I would like to thank: Awesome Petra, Outstanding Jacob, Funniest Tim and Creative Laura. All of them are competent professionals and interesting persons. As for Vancouver, it’s an incredibly beautiful city especially in spring and summer time. I loved it for its amazing combination of skyscrapers, mountains, ocean water and fantastic nature. As it turned out, this city is so congenial to me, I like its moderate rhythm of life, love of sport and active life style. This program is a great experience for the whole life and I would suggest it for those who are not afraid of challenges and changes.

Victoria Moskalenko, Russia

Visiting Vancouver and studying at Inlingua are those type of memories that going to last all my life. Vancouver or Vancity or Raincouver you can call it whatever, Is one of a kind, city with the "soul"- insane mixture of different cultures, nice people, delicious cuisine, outstanding night life and much more. Everyone can find something personal in this place and fell in love with it, which I guarantee. I can't tell the story about Vancouver without Inlingua. Besides the fact that it is one of the best language school and that their teaching methods are hell effective, this guys are awesome! They are funny, smart and everybody has a good personality. It was a great pleasure to meet this people. Thank you guys for my best moments. Love you! Cheers!

Arsen Gallosman, Ukraine

What I love about studying at inlingua: I love Inlingua Vancouver because despite a short duration of 1 month for studying here, I was able to make so many awesome friends from all over the world. In my class, for example, we discussed about topics which our teacher gave us. I was also able to learn different cultures in other countries which is really interesting for me. Our teachers are all kind and friendly, and they always gave us opportunities to speak English and corrected our English when we made a mistake. I was able to concentrate on studying English, speaking, listening and so on. This is because not only lessons, teachers and classmates, but also the campus which is so clean and always keeps its temperature comfortable.

I studied hard at Inlingua Vancouver, especially before final exams and presentations. Therefore, I believe my English skill improved so much, and I am very pleased to challenge next steps in my life with my experience in Inlingua Vancouver.

Inlingua Vancouver also has so many different kinds of activities, and I joined a Seattle trip activity. I thought I should have joined other activities because it was such a great experience and I was able to make a lot of friends there as well.

Overall, I was completely satisfied with my life in Inlingua Vancouver. Thank you so much!

Erika Higa, Level 3A, Japan

Ladies and gentlemen, guys, boys and girls! I am going to tell you about my amazing summer at  the school inlingua Vancouver!

First I’m going to tell you about the inlingua's teachers. All teachers are very good! I liked how they teach. All teachers, whose classes I've been to, gave me a lot of new information! I undoubtedly improved my vocabulary, speaking, writing, listening and grammar skills! On every one of my questions, teachers gave me an answer. So, in the morning classes we learnt something new every day and spoke a lot! The afternoon classes were also awesome and exciting! I had two afternoon classes: Idioms & Slang and Semi private lessons. I learnt a lot of new vocabulary from slang and loads of idioms. On the semi private lesson, we listened to music and improved our vocabulary and speaking!!! So my classes at inlingua were more than cool!!!

inlingua school is one of the best places to meet new international friends and learn something interesting from their cultures. I met a lot of new friends from Venezuela, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Japan and Spain!!! That was a very good experience for me!!!

Moreover I'd like to tell you about inlingua's activity program and about Vancouver city! inlingua organized some good activities for students every day. Movies, Stanley Park, trip to Victoria and Whistler and some other awesome activities! Vancouver is a very interesting city. You can see some different cultures: Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, American, European...

To sum it up, I want to say a few words! Improve your English, improve yourself, study at inlingua school and enjoy!

Daniel Moseev, Russia

I studied at inlingua Vancouver for 6 months and graduated at the advanced 5+ level. I was taking general English courses in the morning and also one academic course in the afternoon. inlingua has many specific courses for students who want to deal with their weaknesses, interests or purposes to get improved. I joined the "career development program" or CDP for short and got hired by a Canadian company to broaden my working experience and develop my career in an English speaking country. inlingua consultants are very patient and considerate with every student, I appreciated that. Thanks to all the teachers for teaching me very useful English and giving great advice. I highly recommend inlingua language classes to anyone coming to learn English in Canada.

Page Hsieh, Taiwan

inlingua Vancouver is a great school for learning the English language. There is an excellent technique and method of teaching. Professionalism of teachers is in the highest level. They willingly answer any questions and help everyone. Positive and friendly atmosphere in school help to learn English and have fun. Classes are very rewarding, because they allow students to speak more. Variety of activities gives the opportunity to meet new friends from different countries and exchange experiences.

I am satisfied that I chose this school to study and learn English.

Iryna Stets, Ukraine

I decided to come to Vancouver to study at inlingua Vancouver and to improve my English. I felt at home from the first day, because all the staff is very friendly and kind. Everybody tries to help you if you have a question or if you need anything. At inlingua Vancouver, there is a good atmosphere for learning and meeting new people. You can enjoy different activities and enjoy Vancouver at the same time. The environment is incredible and safe. I really want to come back! It is so true that I changed my plans and decided to extend my stay here for two more months to do an internship in Vancouver after my English course. I love this city. Thanks everybody for making my dream come true ;)

Anna Bech Guives, Spain

I had many great experiences at inlingua, such as the big BBQ on Friday at the beach. I improved my English clearly day to day. Besides, Vancouver is a very nice city and you can visit a lot of beautiful places here.

Julia Krapohl, Germany

All the experience at inlingua Vancouver has been incredible! I made friends from all over the world and the inlingua crew is pretty awesome. They are really friendly and they know how to teach. The city is beautiful. There are a lot of things to do here, especially outdoors. I love this place!

Marco Antonio Cano Rodriguez, Mexico

I studied at inlingua for three months and I went on so many activities. They are all really awesome! The activities coordinator has absolutely amazing ideas. My favorite activity was skydiving in Abbotsford. That was awesome. I really love the school activities!!!

Jonas Baumgartner, Switzerland

I studied at inlingua Vancouver for 3 months. It’s a very exciting school, and I learned a lot of English. I made a lot of friends from a lot of countries, and the teachers are very friendly. I hope to come to inlingua Vancouver again!!!

Adnan Al-Ramel, Saudi Arabia

I didn’t know anything about Vancouver or inlingua before coming here, but I think I made a great decision. I’ve found people who seem to be interested in teaching!!!!.. which is not easy to find, I can swear. Vancouver is a bright city... when it’s sunny! My English is improving, I think, even though that’s not easy to realize about. The inlingua Method works, somehow.

Jordi Riera Ballester, Catalonia - Spain

I’m an inlingua student. I think Vancouver is one of the best places in the world. It’s so safe and beautiful. It has a lot of places to visit, beautiful places. Transportation is so convenient. The weather is nice most of the time. In general, the people are very friendly and helpful. Actually, I got lost around 3 times, but people were helping me with smiles on their faces. Finally, I want to stay at inlingua Vancouver as long as I can and I’ll try to finish college in here.

Mohammed Al-Hussein, Saudi Arabia

I really enjoyed my time in Vancouver. The weather is pretty good in the summer. Moreover, I like the mix of beaches and mountains. Studying at inlingua Vancouver was quite a good experience, and I reckon that being one of the only French speaking students, it helped me to learn faster. I also enjoyed playing with the inlingua soccer team and hanging out with my new friends in Vancouver.

Christophe Mohr, France

My student life in inlingua Vancouver was very exciting. I’m completely falling in love with Vancouver, and I’m sure I will come back again! Special thanks to my three teachers, Alicia, Antoinette and Mike. See you!

Laurence Buchs, Switzerland

Kind teachers, good environment, lots of international students... all these things you will find at inlingua Vancouver. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I ask myself if I want to be absent today or not, but I remember that I will miss a day at inlingua Vancouver and for me that is impossible!!!

Anas Alhumaid, Saudi Arabia

I have been studying here at inlingua Vancouver for over 5 months. inlingua is my first and last school. I’m really satisfied with this school. The best thing about this school is the friendly atmosphere. The teachers atinlingua are always friendly with nice smiles not to mention their awesome teaching.

Cathy~Jungwon Kang, South Korea

I’m Ella. I come from Taiwan. I studied at inlingua for 4 months. I am really happy that I chose this school, because this is an international language school that has so many different nationalities. During 4 months, I not only met a lot of good friends who come from different countries, but I also learned really practical English. The most important this is atmosphere at inlingua. The school is like our family. Every teacher is friendly and enthusiastic. Anyways, I like it!

Ella~Yi-An Tu, Taiwan

I really like the atmosphere at inlingua Vancouver. People here are all relaxed and nice. Also, teachers have a sense of humor and friendly, needless to say... they are awesome!!! Actually, I can’t find a perfect word to explain how good inlingua is... Anyways, I’m glad I chose this school!!!

Mari Kamada, Japan

I like the friendly atmosphere at inlingua Vancouver. When I made a mistake, the teachers corrected my mistakes kindly. So, I was very happy to be in the class. We practiced how to use new grammar and vocabulary. As soon as we learned, it helped me to improve my English. When I felt nervous, my friends encouraged me not to give up so I really appreciated my friends and their kindness. I’m glad to have come to inlingua.

Chizuru Kamada, Japan

I’m really happy for choosing inlingua Vancouver. When I had just arrived in Vancouver, I knew almost nothing about Vancouver. However, my friends and teachers took me to many places such as shopping malls, Grouse Mountain, English Bay, and Stanley Park. These were such good memories to me. Everyone at inlingua Vancouver is so friendly and kind. Come to inlingua and enjoy your special Vancouver life in inlingua!

Toru Miki, Japan

inlingua Vancouver has been a great experience for me because the classes and the teachers are very interesting and fun. In addition, I have met awesome people from different countries and we have done great activities together. I know I will never forget the time I have spent at inlingua!!!

Daniela Buitrago C., Colombia

The thing I like the most at inlingua is the relationship with the teachers. They are really nice to you and they try to help you as much as they can. I also like both campuses because they are so new and you have facilities to use. inlingua prepares a lot of activities for the afternoon and weekends. It’s a good way to have fun and meet a lot of people from different countries and cultures at the same time. Going back to the classes you have a lot of variety to choose from, you can take classes only to improve your speaking, or grammar or whatever you specifically want so it’s a great way to learn what your really need to improve.

Willy~Guillermo Gabás Canela, Spain

For me, inlingua is the best language school to study English. I think I’m really lucky to be here at inlingua Vancouver. Everybody at inlingua Vancouver is nice and friendly. It makes me study very comfortably. I feel like I’m at home. And that’s why I stayed at inlingua Vancouver for 10 months. I’m going to miss this school so much. All the teachers, staff and my friends as well. So now I strongly recommend it to you. I’m pretty sure that you will agree with me and write the same thing.

Kunmoo Ko, Korea

inlingua Vancouver has very good teachers. First time when I came here I was not sure, but after a while I know now three good teachers. I came from Switzerland and in Switzerland it was very difficult to improve my English. What I like in Vancouver is the Waterfront and the Seafood restaurants like Carderos, Steamworks, Joe Forte’s, etc...

Lydia Aebersold, Switzerland

inlingua Vancouver is a very friendly place to learn English. Especially, if you like to improve your oral English a lot. Many teachers here are really knowledgeable, and are always willing to answer the questions you ask. Moreover, Vancouver, Canada is a fantastic place to stay, especially for those people who enjoy outdoor activities a lot.

Vincent ~Han Wei Chen, Taiwan

I really enjoy the courses at inlingua Vancouver. The progress is fast. I also like the atmosphere that there is among the students. There are a lot of different nationalities. Being at inlingua Vancouver is learning and having fun all at the same time.

Evelyne Roels Van Kerckvoorde, Belgium

I loved Vancouver. My Homestay family was great with me. I learned a lot with them and made a lot of good friends from around the world. It’s so good to know about new cultures. The administration staff is really friendly and made me feet at home. I enjoyed how people treated me here. I could learn and have fun at the same school.

Ana Paula Bagali, Brazil